Roofing: Winter Troubles

ice dams and snow on roofWinter is here which means ice and snow will begin accumulating on your roof. If your roof has some weak patches or damaged shingles, you may run the risk of leaks beginning to cause trouble in the roof that will slowly make its way into the house.

If you’ve been dealing with some winter weather already, climb into the attic and check the ceiling for any patches that indicate the roof has begun to leak. Getting this fixed right away will save you the hassle of having to repair your roof and replace insulation and other damaged areas of the attic. Leaving a leaky roof only allows the damage to become even worse.

When your roof requires repairs, an experienced roofer can inspect the integrity of your roof while fixing up damaged areas. This will ensure that your roof is sealed up tight and you won’t have something else crop up later on.

Issues like poor roof ventilation can cause some serious trouble during the winter. Without proper air flow, ice and snow with melt and refreeze that can form ice dams along the edges of the roof. These ice dams are very heavy and can create more leaks or even a cave in if the roof is already in disrepair.

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