Oh No! My Roof Has A Leak! – Tips To Deal With A Leak

Photo of leakThere is nothing worse than finding your roof has a leak. This is usually noticed as discoloration on your ceiling and water dripping to your floor below. Calling a roofer is always your first step in the process of fixing your roof, however, some roofers may not be readily available for an emergency repair. What can you do in the meantime?

Steps To Take With A Roof Leak

#1 Save Your Valuables!

First thing’s first, move your furniture, electronics and other valuable items away from the drip. This will keep them from receiving a ridiculous amount of damage. You may also take a chance to document items that have been affected by the leak. This may come in handy later during your insurance claim.

#2 Find The Origin

Always see if you can find the leak itself by tracing back its steps. In your attic look for the source. If you cannot find the leak initially, or it is a particularly dry day, there is a test you can do with a friend. One of you will pour water down the roof while the other looks for the leak.

#3 Slow The Damage

There are many ways to can temporarily halt the progression of the leaking roof by using a bucket or pan to catch the water or even patching the area. Remember that measures like roof patches are just that, temporary, and your roof must be serviced by a roofer to ensure it gets back to its best.

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