Safe Roof Decking

Installing a roof deck is a big and time consuming project. Preparation before installing takes its time because of safety measures and other services that must be performed. Making sure your building foundation can withstand the installation process is also important to consider before installing any products. Here’s a list of safety precautions to take prior to installing your roof deck:

 Precautions of Installing a Roof Deck

  • roof with construction serviceMake sure the foundation of the building can hold the weight of installing the roof deck.
  • Using tie-offs, toe boards, ladders and etc. are always good safety measures to use when installing roof decks.
  • Make sure the deck is clean, dry and moisture free prior to installing your roof deck.
  • Depending on roof pitch and surface conditions, blocking may be necessary to support materials.
  • Remember to seal the fastener holes that are secure to the blocking after they’re removed.
  • Make sure loose asphalt shingles are accounted for, so they don’t slide off the roofing surface, endangering on-going civilian traffic.

If you have any more questions about roof decking please follow this link to learn more about what Score Construction can do for you. It is always best to let a professional handle your roof deck installation services.