Shingle Roofing

Laminate roofing Are you a home owner interested in shingle roofing installation or in need of repair to an existing shingle roof? At Score Construction, we are your best option for shingle roof installation, repair and maintenance in Queens, NY. Whether it be composition shingles, rubber shingles, or architectural shingles, our professionals can provide you with the highest quality available for your roofing system. Composition shingles tend to be the most popular of choices in the United States, and at Score Construction, we’ll provide you with the best service for your roofing needs.

Composition Shingle Roofing

Composition shingles are considered the most popular choice for home owners in America because of their affordability and durable aspects. The textured look that composition shingles provide are from grounded rock that’s coated as the final layer. We can provide different color schemes and styles for composition shingles, and help you choose what best fits for your home. There are three different types of composition styles that are available.

shingle installation

  • 3-Tab Composition Shingles: The least expensive system of the three, 3-tab shingles appear as a flat layer with patterns of tabs created by vertical slots to create the 3-tab pattern.
  • Laminate Composition Shingles: A new and approved style of a 3-tab shingle system, the laminate shingle is the most common choice in composition roofing because of its durability and appearance. This system lasts longer than the 3-tab shingle system because of a second layer tabbed which doubles the material.
  • Premium Composition Shingles: Made from longer-lasting products, the premium composition shingle is the most eloquent of the three. Referred to as Grand Sequoya, Presidential, or Gran Canyon, premium shingles are a heavier laminate that is the top-of-the-line in composition shingles. 

Shingle Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

To have your shingle roofing system last a long lifespan, it’s important to have routine maintenance or repair performed every several months. At Score Construction, we are your best choice for repair or maintenance to your shingle roofing system. If you aren’t sure if your roofing system needs repair, we give free estimates, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

If you’re interested in adding a new shingle roofing system or already have an existing system that needs repair, Score Construction is your best option for shingle roof installation, repair and maintenance in Queens, NY.