Rubber Roofing

Rubber RoofingAre you considering a new roofing system for your residential or commercial building? At Score Construction, we are your top choice for rubber roofing installation in Queens, NY. Rubber roof shingles are much lighter than asphalt and slate shingles, putting less pressure on your roofing structure and easier to transport during the installation process. Instead of rubber shingles, we also provide installation for large rubber rolls which are longer lasting and much quicker and easier to install than rubber shingles. Both systems are a low-cost and easy installation process that also makes your roof more durable. If you’re interested in this system, please call our professionals today, so we can set up an appointment!

Rubber Roofing Installation

Whether you’d like to install rubber shingles or a long rubber roll for your roofing system, the installation process depends on what service you’d think fits best with your roofing system. At Score Construction, our professionals will help you through each and every process of the installation with integrity and honesty. Long rubber rolls are seamless which create durability and protection against leaks and other extreme weather conditions as well, giving the roof a longer lifespan. The installation process is quick and safe, lasting only one or two days with professional help. Using a rubber shingle roofing system allows you to keep a traditional roofing look, but with a much durable and lighter material benefiting your roofing foundation. We have the highest quality tools and experience to install the rubber roofing system you desire for your commercial or residential building.

Rubber roofing systems are an easy and affordable decision for your commercial or residential buildings. We are a licensed and insured company that guarantees your satisfaction through the entire process of your installation or repair of your rubber roofing system. Estimates are free, so don’t hesitate to call and we’ll guide you in the right direction. If you have any questions about our company or rubber roofing, please call (347) 441-4646.

At Score Construction, we have the highest quality resources and experience you need for your rubber roofing installation and repair in Queens, NY.