Roof Decking

Roof deckAre you looking to install a roof deck to an existing commercial or residential roofing system? At Score Construction, we are your best choice for roof decking in Queens, NY. A term used for most urban areas, roof decks are used for recreational usage atop buildings i.e. apartments, restaurants, etc. Before installing a roof deck, you must consider the weight that would bare on the foundation of your building and see if it can withstand the construction of roof decking. At Score Construction, our trusting professionals will asses the property prior installation process to figure out if your building can withstand the construction process. Pre-structural qualification services include:

  • Roof surfaces are evaluated for surface installation
  • Roof replacement services
  • Roof layer applications
  • Rubberized sound dampening for roof membranes
  • Parapet wall renovation
  • Roof drain
  • Asbestos content lab clearance and Asbestos abatement
  • Disposal of existing structures

Roof Decking Installation

At Score Construction our supervisors are on site during the entire process, making sure the process of your roof decking installation is done correctly. Before all installations, we must determine that the foundation of the building is secure once the process begins. Our projects follow critical guidelines of site and NYDOB codes, and the architectural limits. At Score Construction we have the highest quality resources available for roof decking installation, so call today if you’re interested!

Roof Deck Styles

Whether you’re wanting to add an outdoor living space for your residential home or recreational platform for your restaurant, roof decks can come in many different forms of styles. Whatever style your want, it’s vital you check with a professional to make sure your that your building and roof structure can withstand the installation of a roof deck. At Score Construction, we have the ability and resources to install any type of roof decking to your commercial or residential roofing system. This system takes outdoor living to a whole new level, literally. If you’re interested in roof decking, please contact us today!

Score Construction specializes in installing roof decks in Queens, NY.  If you have any questions or concerns about roof decking, please call us today at (347) 441-4646.