How do I Know When It’s Time to Remodel?

Minor and major changes in the household change the flow of traffic and the need for space and most of all, when it’s time to remodel.
Lifestyle changes greatly affect the feng shui of any house. Whether it’s a single family, a couple, or just one person and an office, you can never quite pinpoint when the change is going to happen. When it does, be ready with the right information and tools you need to make your transition as smooth as possible.


Some families are large but rarely use the kitchen spaces. Having all that space and only using it twice a week to bake cupcakes could be a waste if your family is spending all of their time in your living spaces or simply outside the house. Speak with a contractor or a designer about what kinds of new styles would better suit your cooking habits.


Remodel time

It’s time to remodel when you have space in certain places you aren’t using and vice versa.

Whatever your circumstances, a bathroom is the last place you want to waste space on and coincidentally the last place you want to have MORE space in. It could just be a simple shift of the toilet or an upgraded bathtub that help the space of your restroom work better with the flow of your home or office.

Living Spaces

If you’re the real outdoorsy type, maybe it’s possible you don’t need a super large living room with a home theater. But you would probably enjoy using that space instead for a large bathroom with a walk-in shower or jet-tub to relax and wind down in after a day out on the slopes or a long day hiking. There are choices for all lifestyles.

Eventually your list will only reveal a time to begin a new remodel that works best for you and your home.

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