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Queens has recently begun developing its own high-rise skyline over recent years, and it even houses the tallest building in New York City outside Manhattan. Architecture in Queens follows the design elements found throughout the other boroughs of New York City, with brick and stone being the most popular building choice after the Great Fire of 1835 exposed the dangers of wood-framed buildings. New York has always drawn its stone from several quarries, many of which can be distant. This is shown in the variety of textures and colors seen in buildings throughout the city.

Stone Construction

Before the railroad, stones were floated down the Hudson or floated along the Atlantic Ocean. Trains from Vermont would bring marble, and Minnesota brought granite, but the brownstone from Connecticut would become so popular with the construction of row homes throughout New York City that the term “row house” and “brownstone” became synonymous with one another.

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Many buildings in New York City feature wooden water towers mounted on the roof, which was a requirement on all buildings over 6 stories high, as the municipal water pipes simply could not withstand the high pressures needed to bring water that high. We are skilled in working around these and other rooftop equipment like HVAC units.

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