Kitchen Renovations That “Wow”

Kitchen Renovations That WowRenovating your home’s kitchen can be one of the best ways to increase the resale value, not to mention a strong return on investment for your property. But don’t just think ahead to the future owner. What about you? Do you love to cook but just can’t seem to make yourself at home in your current kitchen design? There’s no better time to invest in kitchen renovations that will provide that “Wow!” factor.

Especially if your current kitchen is a unique layout, or you’re working with less square footage than is ideal, a renovation to your food prep space can go a long way in creating a more functional room that will actually make you want to cook! Working with a team of kitchen renovation professionals can also make a tremendous difference in exploring options that make sense for your unique home, and they can help capitalize on what space you do have to use every nook and cranny beautifully and efficiently.

Kitchen Upgrades to Consider…

  • Ceiling-Height Cabinets – Many builder-grade cabinets stop just short of the ceiling, creating a gap that is rarely useful and just one more thing to try to keep clear of dust bunnies. Cabinets that expand all the way to the ceiling are a great way to capitalize on vertical space and increase storage in an area where it will never go to waste. A small stool tucked under the sink may be all you need to access less-often-used items that are stored up high and out of the way.
  • High-End Materials – OK, so you have a smaller kitchen or maybe the shape isn’t ideal. (Shimmying down a galley kitchen? You’re in good company, friend!) However, petite rooms can allow the budget to consider more luxurious materials as you look to replace counter tops, install backsplash, or upgrade the sink. Consider marble, polished stone, or one-of-a-kind mosaics that give your kitchen class and character that you’ll take pride in for years to come.
  • New Appliances – Not only are new appliances aesthetically pleasing, but you can also benefit from the latest technology and more energy- and water-efficient options available. And once again, if you’re working with a smaller space, there are many models designed with a smaller footprint that don’t sacrifice form or function for size. These are the heart of your kitchen, so why not upgrade the elements you’ll use most?

If you’re considering kitchen renovations for your Brooklyn or Queens, NY area home, give Score Construction a call at (347) 441-4646. Let our team of professionals work with you to create a beautiful, functional kitchen that will not only take your breath away, but will serve your family well for the years ahead as you gather over the stove.