Siding Services

siding roof workerHas the side of your home been damaged or is in need of repair? At Score Construction we specialize in siding installation and repair in Queens, NY. There are a mass array of styles for a durable and aesthetic pleasing side product for your home. These products are applied to the side walls of your home protecting walls from extreme weather conditions, shedding water and they are a key to the beauty of your home. Sidings can be made from wood, metal, plastic (vinyl) masonry or composite material. If you’re interested in adding or repairing siding to your home, contact us today!

Siding Styles

frontal sidingAt Score Construction, we have the tools and resources to install and repair the highest quality of siding materials for your home. Ask our experts today for a FREE estimate and we can guide you into the best available product for your home. When deciding the material that best fits your home, it’s suggested to consult with a professional to make sure you’re getting the best product for a great value. Here is a list of different siding material options available to you:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Plastic (vinyl)
  • Metal
  • Masonry
  • Composite

siding roof workerWood siding is said to be the easiest for the installation process, but requires frequent maintenance compared to other siding materials. Wood siding also comes in different styles (shingles, clapboards, wooden sheets, vertical boards, etc.). Stone siding is more decorative than that of other popular siding styles. Used for most common, industrial and retro buildings, metal siding comes in various colors and forms and is more durable than others. Masonry material accommodates for most styles,  from formal to rustic, and requires minimal maintenance and has the durability to that lasts almost 100 years. Composite siding is also made of various types of materials (Asphalt shingles, asbestos, fiber cement, and aluminum) and is considered to be a popular choice. If you have questions on what material best fits for your home, call our professionals today!

At Score Construction, we provide the highest quality siding installation and repair in Queens, NY. Give us a call today at (347) 441-4646!