Low-E Windows

Home with a bunch of windowsLow-E, meaning “low emissivity” is a thin layer of metallic particles, or several layers of metallic particles, applied to the glass which allows the glass to act like a sleeve, making it resist heat from intruding the interior of the home (normally this outside heat results in heating up the furniture and overall room temperature). At Score Construction, we specialize in all types of Low-E window installation in Queens, NY. Call us today for a free estimate!

How Does a Low-E Window Work?

Sunlight creates a series of light that radiates constantly downward to the earth’s surface and into your home. These series of lights include visible light, which allows us to see things around us, infrared light (IR) and ultraviolet light (UV). Exposure to UV lighting for an extended period of time damages fabrics, skin and wood. And IR lighting heats objects up like furniture, sidewalks and floors that have been exposed to the light for an extensive amount of time.

Low-E windows reflect both UV and IR lighting away from the interior and exterior portions of your home. This helps keep your home cool and is energy cost efficient. During winter seasons, the low-e windows keep warmth in the interior part of your home, needing less use of energy to keep your home warm. Low-e windows are known to block 96% of all UV light. If you are interested in using low-e windows for your home, please give us a call today!

Low-E Installation

window installation

At Score Construction, we have the track record of the highest quality low-e services around the area and we guarantee that our job is not done until our clients are 100% satisfied. Low-E windows may be more costly for upfront prices, but result in long term energy cost savings. Using less air conditioners and heaters throughout the extreme portions of the seasons can end up saving you tons of money in the long run when having installed low-e window services.

Score Construction is a licensed and insured company that specializes in low-windows installation in Queens, NY. Call us today at (347) 441-4646, and we’ll give you a free and honest estimate for your low-e window system.