Basement Renovations

basement renovationAre you interested in remodeling your basement to make your home more valuable and comfortable? At Score Construction, we are your best option for basement renovations in Queens, NY. Whether you want more room for your children to play, an additional living room, a man’s room, or any other ideas for your basement, we have the resources and skills necessary to make your basement dreams come true. Costs may vary depending to what services (additional plumbing, weatherproofing, flooring, etc.) you need done for your basement, yet we guarantee that we can get you the highest quality services at a reasonable price. We give free estimates, so don’t hesitate to call and start planning today!

Benefits of Basement Renovations

Many benefiting factors come when you choose to renovate your basement. One of the most important aspects is the increase of value your home will see because of the additional living space that’s available. According to Remodeling Magazine, renovating your basement will give you a return of 66 percent from your upfront remodeling costs. So, for every dollar you put into your new and beautiful basement, you get 0.66 cents back. Whether you turn your unfinished basement into an office or an additional bathroom, or an arcade room for the kids, just having an additional living space creates an intangible value of an extra living space in your home. Homes also sell quicker with finished basement areas than residences without basements. At Score Construction, we are your best choice for your renovation projects. Benefits of having a renovated basement in a nutshell:

  • Extra living space
  • Higher value for resell of home
  • Great investment for long-term process
  • Quicker sell of home with finished basement

There are many benefits available when renovating your basement, so if you’re interested please contact us today and we’ll get you started in the right direction with a free estimation!

Adding a finished basement to your home can be both an exciting and stressful process, and At Score Construction, your best choice for basement renovations in Queens NY, we will be with you 100% of that process. Call today!