3 Roofing Woes That Homeowners Experience

It’s no fun to watch water drip from your ceiling. Unfortunately, water damage is one of the most common types of roof damage homeowners experience. Here are three of the most common roofing issues that require a professional’s help.

Water Damage Comes in Many Forms

a picture of a lightning strikeToo much rain can leave your roof sagging or leaking, but snow and ice are even worse. Roofs have been known to collapse under the weight of accumulated snow. Hail stones may as well be bullets shooting into your roof. Rain is a usual suspect, though. It can seep in anywhere that’s not properly protected, causing havoc in many layers of your roof structure. Do a visual inspection of your home after every storm, or after a sustained period of rain.

Wind Can Cause Chaos

Whether you live in an area known for hurricanes, tornadoes, or just plain severe thunderstorms, your roof can take quite a beating from strong winds. Not only can the wind relocate your roof (if you’re very unlucky), it can blow away shingles, make trees collapse, and send flying debris straight at your home. It’s important to look at your roof after high winds have blown through your neighborhood.

Neglect Can Be Costly

Not properly maintaining a roof can cause problems, and make existing problems worse. An experienced roofer should be able to tell you how to maintain your roof, so contact one you can trust, and follow their advice. Never allow pooled water to stay on your roof, and always get rid of piles of soggy leaves, because they can make your shingles rot or cause mold.

Nothing beats a professional inspection, so make sure that when your roof needs repairs, you call someone who will get the job done right.