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About Us

At Score Contracting Corp. we understand the construction industry and all the demands that come with it. We are a fully licensed and insured company, which means you can have complete peace of mind when we handle construction project. We understand that many homeowners have second thoughts when it comes to hiring a contractor due to the perceived high costs and uncertainty about the contractor. 

We are a family owned company and our goal is for you to rest easy knowing that we always provide affordable solutions and trustworthy labor. Learn more about us at Score Contracting by giving our team a call today: (718) 504-8676.

Our entire business is structured around providing quality products and services to our customers without breaking the bank. We are well versed in working with homeowners with a variety of budgets and we will always strive to stay within those budgets. We provide cost-effective services paired with affordable products. However, we do not believe you ever need to sacrifice quality for affordability! Whatever construction project you need us for, you can rely on us for exceptional service. We are truly your go to construction company.

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